Monday, 17 December 2007


The silence echoed thoughts.
It echoed heartbeats too.
He planned to preserve them
In a forgotten corner.

Where the shapes changed often
into something they were not.
And he collapsed within
when searching the forgotten thought.

He allowed himself the final sin-
A prayer!
For release from the skin.
He spread his reach to morals
and he spread till eternity
and there he rested;
till time caught up
and brought a single hue.

As limiting spaces contracted,
around him, the world expanded.
The colored world -
in tones of black and white.

He thus had this dream to be born again
out of an idea;
To be born again
pure and of a single fabric.
And the dream grew into a desire.
This desire grew
Into a cloud of colorful dreams.
That blanketed his world.
In silence
He asked his questions
And in silence he waited, for his answers
In silence
He waits...

Outside the rain fell.