Monday, 19 August 2013


Carbon was cooling its heels
on waters presence.
As questions were asked
of the yesterdays that rained.
rain that rains everyday
that is not today.

So, they were caught chasing the rain
in the tomorrows too.
To clean the yesterdays
they'd go back to.
and she'd dance often
till she fell in a twirling mist
collapsing in my heart like a forgotten tryst

her stories held promise of returning wonder.
of compulsions and freedom, around and asunder
and she danced
till the marks of her feet
lay wet patches on my yesterday.

the music never played.
so silence held company
with our reticent cacophony.
and blue was the taste
of melting purple in my mouth
where her kiss was sealed
in a tomorrow I'd never see.

wasps and coldness are my gifting beds
you and she my distant ends
frivolous the sign of moon
fickle, the end of June.
when fog and memory override
to find me beside my side.

we'll grow colored moons with smiles.
unhinged for a while.

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